A New Heroine is on her WAY!!

My debut novel, In This Together, releases on November 18, 2015, and  Dottie, the heroine, has opened up a space in my heart. It’s 1946 and she’s the kind of gal you’d want for a friend – steady, reliable, a hard worker, and as loyal as thistles sticking to your pants.

The only splash Dottie makes when she walks into a room comes from her mop pail. World War II is over, but it took her only son. Still, comfort gradually comes to her as she faces each new day and makes do the best she can.

As she prepares nutritious meals and cleans at Helene’s boarding house in her little Iowa town, who would guess Dottie also yearns to hug her daughter Cora in California and hold those two grandbabies she has yet to meet?

But Al, the widower next door, watches Dottie trudge home exhausted each night, and schemes how he might befriend her. She has no idea how much she has in common with her lonely neighbor.


I hope Dottie finds a place in your heart, too! The Vintage Line of Wild Rose Press categorizes Dottie’s story as super sweet, which means there’s not even a reason to blush in this heartfelt midwestern tale. You can see more about the novel at:


2 thoughts on “A New Heroine is on her WAY!!

  1. Oh, Jane, thank you. I can’t believe Dottie will become real to the world in just a few weeks. She’s already SO real to me, I want everybody to know her …

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