A Novel of the Texas Hill Country

Set in the German Hill Country of Texas during World War II, Land That I Love is a sweeping literary novel of love and loss; friendship and animosity; fathers and sons; and coping during  times of war and peace. Yet it is more than a love story. It is about the racism and bigotry that still exist in our world. As author Gail Kittleson's characters struggle with the problems of everyday life, they teach us that we survive hard times by being good neighbors despite our differences and that hatred can be conquered by love, understanding and forgiveness.

Publisher: WordCrafts Press

2 thoughts on “A Novel of the Texas Hill Country

  1. Land That I Love was filled with all the things I love about Gail Kittleson’s books. I find her characters and plots interesting and enjoy her attention to historical detail. Heros and heroines are always full of integrity, exude the value of hard work and faith in God. This read left me with an element of self-growth, peace and contentment.

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