About Friends

They’re the people who take time to help you learn new things—you have the desire, and maybe even a general idea, but they stick with you until you really “get it.” Maybe you must tackle a task so foreign that your confidence is nil—no matter. These folks aren’t going to leave until “the end.”

“That which is always within our reach is always the last thing we take; and the chances are, that what we can do every day, we never do at all.” This statement by L.E. Landon, British writer and poet, says it well. The issue isn’t laziness, though. It’s about believing we can.

A true friend sits with you until you do what you can, and you feel good about it.Someone else might say, “google it—there are instructions online for everything.” But those instructions read like an unknown language, and you cave before you even begin.

It just struck me that this is what I do in teaching English to second language learners—they want to learn, they try, but sometimes, their affective filter gets in the way. But does that make me give up? Hardly—it only motivates me to spend even more time and effort on that student’s behalf.

Today, a friend guided me through the ins and outs of editing my new website—definitely not my area of expertise. But he saw me through to success, and I’m full of gratitude. Hopefully, I can pay his favor forward—isn’t that why we’re all here—to help each other and to learn?



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  1. I understand. I have so much trouble with written instructions. Always hard for me. Great post, great website!!!

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