Once you start researching this war, the word OPERATION keeps coming up.

Operation Overlord, (The D-Day Invasion), Operation Market Garden, and on and on.

But did you ever hear of Operation Begonia?

British special forces carried out Operation Begonia in 1943 after the armistice with Italy. Six SAS men paradropped on the Italian Coast to locate and evacuate POWS who had escaped from Italian camps when the fighting still continued.

I never dreamed so many flowers would have connections with the war, but there you go!

3 thoughts on “BEGONIAS and WWII

  1. …….and I thought I’d read so much about WWII!!!!!!!! But have never heard of this. Really interesting, thanks for sharing Gail.
    Operation Jonquil was the airborn counterpart to the land Operation Begonia.

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