Catching Up with Daylight: A Journey to Wholeness

Many of us long for rest, as the author did while renovating an old house after her husband’s first deployment to Iraq. Yet a different hunger undergirded that desire: a hunger for wholeness.

No fast track exists to a closer walk with God, but the ancient Benedictine practice of Lectio Divina enhances and extends our times with our Creator. Allowing the Spirit to emphasize one word and ruminating on that word throughout the day empowers us to remain present for every moment, attentive to embrace all that God has for us.

As you take this journey with the author, you will become aware of those who have paved our way, and of those around us who need fresh courage. And you may even waken early one morning to discover the moon painted with a fresh hue.

Publisher: WhiteFire Publishing
Reviews:Jane Wells on Amazon wrote:

Gail Kittleson’s stories reach out across the pages with simplicity and heartfelt honesty. Never preachy, but always spiritually insightful, Catching Up With Daylight: A Journey to Wholeness is a balm for the struggles………questions………and loneliness we all encounter in this thing called life. Catching Up With Daylight: A Journey to Wholeness is a gift, one that will keep on giving long after the last page is turned. Thank you Ms. Kittleson!

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