The Food That Held the World Together

Because of wartime rationing, World War II folks faced fresh challenges to feed their families. The thought of running out of food or not being able to make ends meet led to great effort-many of these citizens had not so long ago survived the hunger of the Great Depression.

Many people are familiar with the concept of victory gardens, but does this seemingly quaint, archaic practice have more to teach us today? How did soldiers cope with their hunger on foreign soil? How did the food industry respond to wartime needs? What innovations developed as families sought ways to show their soldiers their love and concern?

Authors Gail Kittleson and Cleo Lampos found answers to these and many other questions while researching The Foods that Held the World Together.

Reviews:Becky - Colorado Springs on Amazon wrote:

I love anything WW2, and especially books devoted to this era. When I heard about a book by Cleo Lampos and Gail Kittleson that was dedicated to food research during WW2, I purchased it, very curious. And I have not been disappointed! With twenty-four fact-filled chapters covering the home front, the military, and European challenges, I have come to appreciate how food played a valuable role in the war, bringing people together. I had never heard of the Women’s Land Army nor the role potatoes, M&Ms, and spam played, plus much more. The photographs and recipes enrich the authenticity of this well researched book.

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