An author I’ve come to know online recently shared this thought as something that’s helped her through life.

She shared this with an authors’ group, and I wrote her to ask if I could use it in my workshops and elsewhere. In addition, I asked Leta to describe how this became her philosophy. Here’s what she said:

“There’s a saying (unfortunately not mine) good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment. That has certainly been a truism in my life, especially the younger years. For too long, I met difficulty with the wail – Why me, God? Finally I found the answer. ‘Because I want you to grow and mature into a spiritual adult, my child.’ Leta McCurry – 84 years a student in the classroom of life.”

What can I add to this profound perspective? Nothing I can write will improve on Leta’s summary, so I’ll let it stand “as is.” This is the same way we learn to accept with a grateful heart what we cannot change, and to accept ourselves in the midst of that process.

I’m sure Leta would appreciate you stopping by her blog and connecting with her.


And here are some photos of midsummer in the heart of Iowa. With thanks to Lance… (Practicing gratitude reveals the beauty all around us…) Enjoy!



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