How Old Is Too Old?

How Old Is Too Old

How Old Is Too Old

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I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone younger than I am say, “I’d love to write a book, but I’m too old to do that.”

And it isn’t limited to writing a book. Mention learning anything new, and I hear the same response.

Is there an age limit to what we can do?

……………Bear with me a minute—I’m thinking. Part of me wants to say NO! But then I think about how I used to climb trees, and while in my mind, I think I could still do it, I’m not sure I want to, especially since there’s no bear chasing me.

Physically, we might not be able to do what we once did, but there are so many other things we can do. One year at Christmas my mother learned to text. She was ninety. She had a Facebook page when she passed away at ninety-three. She always wanted to be challenged.

So do I. And I think that’s the key. Desire to stretch ourselves.

I hear it now. But how would I start?

That’s the easy part. Be it writing a book or learning how to use a computer. Take a class. Did you know after age sixty, about 60% of accredited colleges offer a waiver for senior students? And at most colleges you can audit a class for free. Check it out here and here. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to learn the nuts and bolts of how to do it.

I believed God called me to write, and not just any old story, but suspense stories. Except I wasn’t having any luck with them. I was sixty-five when I went to my first writing retreat. I had been writing for almost thirty years with success in writing short pieces but had not gotten any results from my novels. I was making the same mistakes over and over because I didn’t have anyone to tell me what I was doing wrong…or right. But at the retreat I learned so much and went back four more years. After the third year, I got an agent and a publisher and my first book. Shadows of the Past was published after I turned 69.

So, you can do it! But you need a desire, discipline to do what it takes to learn whatever you desire…and then, you’ll be ready when God opens the door.

By the way, the fourth book in the Logan Point series comes out in July. And I just completed the second book for Harlequin Heartwarming—A Christmas Campaign, bringing my total books written since 2012 to six.


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14 thoughts on “How Old Is Too Old?

  1. Wow…… is all I can say….. VERY pertinent for me…. Great encouragement…

    Thanks for the suggestions…..

  2. I may be late to this awesome party, but Pat, you are such an inspiration to me. Thank you!

    I’m at a funny age in life… not young, not old (whatever “old” means these days). What’s depressing is having to work at the day job with coworkers who are in their young 40s and 30s (and since I don’t talk about my numerical age, they tend to think I’m younger than I am) and hear the say that they are terrifying of “getting old.” What’s also scary is working with the 20-something-olds who gripe that the hard work is too much for them. I guess it’s all relative, but other than snarling at my reflection in the mirror, I live each day without boxing myself in because of my age.

  3. That’s funny, Elaine–hearing a twenty-something say the job is too hard. And like Gail, I love that last sentence.
    You have encouarged so many. Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me today!

  4. Oh, Pat, I needed to hear that today. Sometimes, I think I need to quit. I’m too old for all this stuff. Every time I turn around I have to learn something new on the computer. I resist it, but how else can you sell books out of your local area. I like that quote, too, Gail, about not being boxed in my age. Thanks, ladies.

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