Little Things

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed these fragile “caps” on new pine growth.

Have you?

All these years, the pine just outside our front door has kept growing, but I’ve not \

paused to notice these tiny caps made of something like onionskin.

What else haven’t I noticed? Most likely, a lot.

However, I’ve always appreciated the delicate bells on Lily of the Valley. So small, very invasive, but beautiful, imho–kind of like cardinals, a mere splash in a sea of springtime flowers, but deserving of notice.

Engaged in editing these days, both for my own work and some others’, I focus on what needs fixing. It’s great to work with authors willing to let go of their work and be open to suggestions–wanting to grow in our skills helps us so much!

And attention the the “little stuff” becomes an absolute requirement. Just this morning I spoke with a fellow Iowa author who “got a late start” like me. The learning curve seems insurmountable at times–but it did to me, too.

As usual, tales from the infamous stalls and starts in my “career” come in handy.

Nothing encourages us like stories. At least that’s how it is for me, and the stories that come to us at just the right time need not be remarkable to anyone else.

10 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Gail, your wisdom, straight talk, humor, and true tales of revision keep me going. You inspire me to be a better writer. So, I guess I’ll keep “whacking away” at my second novel. Thanks! Cherie

  2. Yes, it’s the little things. Your reference and picture of Lilies of the Valley brought my mom to my mind abd a lump in my throat. She transplanted wild ones into her flowerbeds as she did so many other wild flowers, against all advice from a variety of naysayers. Everyone flourished under her attention–just as we can flourish under words like yours. Thanks, Gail.

    • I did not know there were wild ones!!! Thanks for enlightening us…and I LOVE the metaphor of everything flourishing under her attention…wish I had known her.

  3. Gail, thank you for this post. I sometimes am distressed at the little things I don’ t seem to notice, and sometimes, big things that are right under my nose!

    Have a bleseed Memorial Day weekend!

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