Winter Writers’ Retreat and Something to Think About

Ann Lee Brown and I will be facilitating a writers’ weekend at Breath of Life Retreat House in Pine, AZ this February. If you’d like more details about this, please go here:

We’d love to have you join us!

Now, let’s consider this quote:


That’s a tall order, right? First of all, loving oneself sounds selfish, but then, “…Love your neighbor as yourself” clarified that eons ago. It’s just that we didn’t get it.

Actually, becoming what we were meant to be brings great satisfaction to our creator, just as living a fulfilled life pleases one’s mother and father.

This lesson’s a tough one to learn for those reared from a shame-based foundation. Those of you who know Dottie and Addie, my two fiction characters (so far) are familiar with their line of thinking. And many of us engage in the same old mental channels.

But let me say between the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas, how grateful I am for avenues out of that sort of thinking. Sure, the transition takes time, as my heroines Addie and Dottie experienced. But the struggle ranks right up there in the WORTHWHILE category.

In a little over two months, Addie and Kate’s stories will continue as WITH EACH NEW DAWN is released. The lessons from In Times Like These will serve them well–you’ll see!!

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