Promises – worth the wait!

Even a stormy sky offers promise.

The other day on Hwy 87 between Pine and Payson, AZ, the heavens definitely revealed an up-and-down pattern.

Dark clouds, a bit of blue sky peeking through now and then.

And then voila! Sunshine.

A veritable blaze. Worth the wait!

Kind of like life…we don’t know for sure when the sun will appear, but when it does, what a moment.

During these days of preparation before Christmas, joy finds a way of peeping through like sunshine.

This morning I opened a tin of tea sachets, a wonderful early Christmas gift. Their aroma led me to believe there’d be a flavor burst in my cup.

And they were right. Ahh….my British genes perked up!

During World War II, tea played quite a role in the morale of British soldiers. Most American soldiers probably gravitated to coffee, but either way, a steaming cup energized many a weary attitude.

Admittedly, the effect couldn’t last forever, and n this old world, promises aren’t always kept. But when they are, we bask in the result.

Every year the promise of the nativity magnetizes us, lures us to believe in a long-range plan originating in divine love. Although we can’t necessarily see the complete fulfillment yet, we honor the promise.

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