Small Things

It’s hard to avoid feeling our yard has very little to offer in the way of beauty right now, but here in Northern Iowa, beauty comes in small doses, it seems. 

My husband found an early butterfly, for one thing. These usually don’t show up for a few more weeks,and with the forecast predicting frost and temps in the lower thirties next week, I don’t know how long this beautiful winged creature will last. But right now, we get to marvel at the intricate artwork of these wings. 

And I never can get enough of daffodils. Late last fall, I ran out and planted some miniature daffodil bulbs minutes before the first winter storm blew in. Now, we’re feasting our eyes on their cheery blossoms as some purple tulips join in. 

Then, we look over at the bluebells we transplanted from our friends’ creekside pasture a few years ago. What a shade of blue to regale us! 

The trees may be just leafing out, but there’s nothing quite like that early spring green against the sky.

And from a high branch, we hear a cardinal’s call. Takes me back to reading The Secret Garden with our daughter when she was young. Such a lovely story, where simple springtime delights mean so much.

Maybe this season would be a good time to re-read that one. It’s never too late to enjoy a good book all over again.

Sometimes we can start feeling as though we don’t have much to offer, like our garden. But when we take a closer look, we find our gifts can meet needs in ways we might not have realized.

I would love to hear how this concept has proven true for you during this shelter-in-place time.

11 thoughts on “Small Things

  1. Because we haven’t been going out on our balcony much we’ve a gift of Robin an dove’s nests in our flowerpots- a virtual bird nursery out our window. That’s a gift we wouldn’t have had because we’d have shopped and planted flower already. Love the pictures, Gail.

  2. In my devotions this morning I had just read the hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cicil Francis Alexander and then I saw your lovely pictures and comments. They blended so beautifully together. Thank God for all the beauty in His world.

    • Yes–sometimes we have trouble recognizing it, but when we open our inner eyes, THERE IT IS!! So glad to see you here, Leone. Hope to see you in person when it’s possible.

  3. Well said author! The “small things” are here to remind us that our God is still with us; and He is still in control. Thank you for this lovely reminder today.

  4. I LOVE BLUEBELLS!! We had those by the hillside full on the place where I grew up in Illinois. Miss them so much!

  5. Thanks for these lovely pictures, Gail and hubby! Such a feast for my eyes today!

    The small things are just the best….the other day I had 14 goldfinches at my bird feeders…along with my first-ever rose-breasted grosbeak. Best bird watching morning ever!

    Today I cracked open the 4-seasons porch screens and enjoyed holding my fur-bud kitty while sipping a hot cup of tea—and merely listening to all the various birdsong taking place just outside that window.

    It beats listening to the news or unfriendly commentary on Facebook.

    Nature is where we find God and calm.

  6. Beautiful photos. My husband and I enjoy watching birds at our feeders. We’ve seem males fighting, males trying to chase females, and juvenile birds following their parents around. I’ve never been to Iowa, but it is one of the states that I want to visit.

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