The Locket

Two weeks ago at a luncheon honoring women ninety and over (at the UM Church in Charles City, Iowa), I heard even more World War II stories. They fit right in with the red, white, and blue decor–patriotic and cheerful.

Some of the women brought a treasure from way back then, and one showed us her locket from childhood.

Her father left for the war before she was born, so inside are photos of him and her. The good news is, he returned, and she has many more good memories of their relationship.

On Father’s Day, we celebrated this vital familial connection. For those who missed out on knowing their fathers in a meaningful way, that can be a tough holiday.

That’s how it would have been for Kate, the heroine of A Purpose Truewho lost both father and mother in her early childhood–to World War I. But someone comes into her life offering his memories of her loved ones…can you imagine how much that would mean?

Perhaps you have a cherished treasure that belonged to a loved one…I have my mom’s simple graduation ring. The white onyx is almost worn through, but it’s good to take it from its safe place from time to time and remember.




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  1. What a beautiful story. WW 1&2 were a very hard and trying time. I’ve heard so many stories over the years. What is so sad is that the younger generations (born from 1970 and on) have no clue what it was like. Yes, they hear stories, but it doesn’t have an impact with them. What’s even sadder, unfortunately, more and more people are not writing their life stories to leave behind.
    I have your books. I really enjoy WW 2 books. How in difficult situations, you can work through your issues and come out on top.
    Thank you for keeping the stories from years ago, alive.

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