October musings

I read an article recently about smartphones hijacking our brains. The author maintains that using smartphones spikes our stress levels, reduces our attention spans, and basically renders us less intelligent.

Well, that’s one thing I won’t have to worry about, since my “smart” phone can’t even figure out what I’m saying when I try to text.
Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, as they say. My phone has even been known to use four-letter words when I was only trying to make a simple statement. Here’s an example.
Last winter I texted our daughter that her dad was out taking birdie pictures. The next thing I knew, she’d sent me a message asking if I ever read my texts before sending them–my so-called “smart”  phone had written DIRTY pictures. ARGH!!
Long-term studies have yet to be completed to reveal how smartphone usage affects developing brains.
Last week, our grandchildren were in a crew of middle-school students from our church  to do fall clean-up work at a beautiful camp not far from here. Sigh…seeing photos like this does my old heart good–no technology here, just plain old muscle-building.
And communal joy.
OOPS….I guess a couple of the boys are taking pictures here…with their phones.
Ah, well! I suspect spending hours editing manuscripts each day may also affect my brain.
Back to this article I read. Having a phone that isn’t so smart gives me one less thing to worry about, and lots more time to enjoy the photographs my husband continues to snap. It’s “just a hobby,” he says, but wow—he’s getting quite accomplished at this.

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