I’m destined to think about cocoons lately. First, the visual came to mind in my August 15 blog in celebrating my memoir’s release.

Then, my granddaughter gave a fat green, black and yellow caterpillar a new home in a jar. She fed and watered the chubby creature and named it Cat. Today, her mom described how overnight, Cat has become a cocoon.

And during the past week, a friend who’s teaching me Spanish pointed me to a delightful video/song called Una cuncuna amarilla by Mazapan. www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjPOJ6OOh2g

What a fun way to learn vocabulary and sentence structure–the melody goes through my mind often.  A few days ago at a writing workshop at The Blue Belle Inn right here in St. Ansgar, I heard an author mention how whatever story she’s working on at any given time inundates her thoughts.

deb 013


Maybe it’s the same principle–in both cases, we’re learning. In writing, we learn about our characters and plot as we move along.

Perhaps with any creative endeavor, we need a sequestered stage where the miracle takes place. We work hard, but at some point, sense a change. Our skills increase, and we know better what to do when we sit down to edit.

There still may be some waiting ahead for us, but we wait in hope. Now where have we heard that before?

And how is the wait going for you? I’d love to hear about your writing journey.



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