Starting again

 I’m back, in the midst of Iowa’s polar vortex. Yet my Dare To Bloom blog is resurrecting, like these daisies in spring. 




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In the land of the unbeliever-it’s difficult to consider blogging a valuable use of time with plots to devise, manuscripts to edit, agents and editors to ply…

A dear friend recently admitted she was especially sensitive that day, the anniversary of her mother’s death. But she added, “I’m okay, though–I see her in my child.”

What a statement of hope. And honestly, that attitude has to reign in the publishing world today, plugging away at your passion, staying positive, and nurturing your dreams.

I would love to hear from those of you new to my blog and others who left because I put this area of writing on hold for so long. What passion keeps you moving ahead, seeking, striving?


How do you still voices that say you’re wasting time or your efforts will come to nothing?

And how does that inner urging translate into your daily life?


18 thoughts on “Starting again

  1. Oh, how do you quell that voice whispering in your ear that your wasting your time? Such a bold question! I push forward trusting that I’ve gotten where I am following God’s whispsers, so it must be a part of the larger plan.

  2. Hi Gail. It’s so nice to see you back! I know you have a lot to offer readers, so I’m excited to see you pounding the keyboard again!

    As to answering your question, I tend to be a terrible procrastinator, which is probably why I don’t write more. When I do, I’m so critical of my words and can’t turn off that internal editor, no matter how hard I try. I’ve bombed out terribly with Nano so far this year, but that’s because I’m also working on a new project for the beginning of the year. (see, excuses! excuses!)

    • Hi Patti,

      I love your honesty. I’ve always thought putting things off was a good way of “shooting myself in the foot,” b/c when the ideas come, they beg to be written. If I put them off, something about the spontaneity and truth wears off, you know?

      Thanks for starting this discussion thread!


  3. Hi Gail,

    It’s great to be connected with you and read your blog! I admire your dedication and persistence. You encourage me to keep going for it!

    When I am feeling overwhelmed with circumstances and underwhelmed with myself I push in hard with prayer, let the tears flow, and call on my friends with whom I can be vulnerable and raw. I check my thoughts “is that really true?”, and do my best to trust. I look things up in scripture to reassure myself and trust that this too shall pass.

    So grateful for you!

    Love and blessings in all you are and do!

    • Wow, Regina, so fun to have you visit, and I really appreciate you sharing how you cope with wayward thoughts. Mine seem to follow a pretty regular pattern, but I don’t always “get” it until I’ve wasted energy/time considering them. I’d like to jumpstart my recognition time!! AND….the amount of good laughs, in my life, as well!

      Take care,


  4. Gail, it’s so great to see you back blogging again. Your posts are always filled with wisdom and encouragement. Happy thanksgiving!

    • Isn’t that the BEST saying? It was in a pot in my daughter’s alleyway garden this summer – A Shakespearean garden – and I hope it encourages some folks who visit.



    • Carole, I would too!! I know an artist/potter who could make some– will pass on the idea. Thanks for the site compliment, too.


  5. I think my passion lies in the creative process. Translating my thoughts and feelings into the language of written words and having a reader respond w/ the joy of camaraderie. I also think my ignorance is an asset. If I’m not exactly sure what it takes to complete this journey we’ve chosen for ourselves as published fiction writers, I can relax and enjoy today’s progress w/o the interference of tomorrow’s expectations. Best wishes on all your hard work Gail and seeing your talent through to the next level!

    • Jane, you are an inspiration –relax and enjoy today’s progress…now that’s a challenge for me! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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