A Steeple and a Rainbow

It really doesn’t get much better than that for a photographer. My husband, a patient guy, has become a walker, after years of running. And on his walks, he captures some amazing shots. So I’m sharing them here today, just because I can – and because they may brighten someone’s day or week.


Behold an Iowa evening sky at its finest. My heroines would take heart from  such a vision, especially during their worst times, when all seems lost and futile.


Here’s another – words fail me, as they often do at something truly beautiful. And it’s good to note that this was actually quite a stormy night.



Adjectives… gorgeous, spectacular, stellar. Heartening to remember that in life’s storms, there’s light, though we may have to wait for it to peep through the clouds.


Way to go, Lance. Thanks for the beauty.

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