Changes, Edits, and Keeping on

This photo reveals a sign of change. We all know what happens next…we wake up to hoards of brilliant leaves piling up on our lawns. And before we know it, yet another seasonal change lies just around the corner.

All of a sudden, it seems, vibrant summer green gives way to golden hues.

We begin to notice these leaves everywhere around our yard.

They get caught in cobwebs between flower boxes and porch floor, they cling to the edging against our house’s outer walls. This one’s a bit more interesting, with its pinkish tones.

The changing of the seasons reminds us of other alterations, some not so pleasant, some downright painful and ugly. As a friend who has battled fibromalgia’s confusing pain for over twenty years said recently, “I’ve had to learn to adapt…it’s the only way through.”

This summer, I’ve been busy editing a new set of short stories for our 2024 Hill Country Christmas Collection and also editing a manuscript that has hung around for a long, long time. The characters really want to come to life–how can I throw them out, even though my writing was pretty pathetic way back when I started?

Ah…that’s life, decisions upon decisions, and continuous change.

Nothing to do but keep plunging ahead, right? I’d love to hear about your own changes these past months, if you care to share.

2 thoughts on “Changes, Edits, and Keeping on

  1. Gail, my summer has been up and down. Cataracts removed from both eyes. I have usable vision only in my right eye. Only peripheral in the left eye. During the right eye exam, the doctor found that floaters caused scar tissue which rubs against the retina and causes blurred vision and must be removed. My surgery is scheduled for October 11 with no guarantees of better or equal vision, and perhaps worse. Prayers appreciated! On the bright side, I published the second volume of my Regency trilogy and have the third at Amazon for whatever they do!

  2. Sorry to hear about your eye situation. They can remove floaters? I hadn’t heard that before. And congrats on your publishing…glad you can still write!

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