Helpers Old and New

So many of us have recovered from either physical or emotional experiences. And we often need help. This morning, I employed a helper given to me by a sweetheart named Heidi after another surgery.

Here it is–loooks simple, yes?

And here’s how this amazing little helper works:

If you can’t reach down to put on a sock, this handy aid bears the load. That white strap coming from the bottom of it is about. You pull on it and voila! Your sock moves onto your foot.

Not rocket science, true, but it really helps me get dressed. Lance did this for me at first, but it’s nice to have found this puller–onner and feel a little more independent.

As a prophet of old once quipped, “Who has despised the day of small things?”

Small things make such a big difference.

A patch of ajuga outside our back door brightens my day. So does this cardinal’s song–he’s about the happiest bird I can imagine.

Makes me think of the simple glories of the natural world that encouraged Everett and William in Land That I Love. When they first came to their new home in Loyal Valley, Texas, century-old stonework and wonderful shade and fruit trees planted by early pioneers greeted them.

What small things make a big difference in your season of life right now?

14 thoughts on “Helpers Old and New

    • YES, I’m glad for you too. Maybe in a month or so here. But I am planting and tending a few pots on the deck.

  1. I still have – and occasionally use – Stick, with a cuphook at one end, and a plastic covered metal gizmo at the other end. Great for fishing behind furniture or under inaccessible places. Just the right length.

    The ones that work are really handy.

  2. I have gait and balance problems secondary to a congenital spinal cord condition (diastematomyelia with tethered cord) aggravated by metastatic brain tumors. Bending and reaching can be problematic. I have 3 “reachers” which I keep in my bedroom, living room, and kitchen. They are great for picking up what I drop or getting things out of reach or even replacing a burned out light bulb. They make my life easier.

  3. Hi, Gail. Isn’t it wonderful to have little helpers that make life easier? I used those “sock helpers” for years. Leslie, I use “reachers” or “grabbers”, too. Aren’t they wonderful? I’m also thankful for the big helpers. I’m grateful for the electric scooter that carries me around the house; I’m so glad I’m not confined to my bedroom. I’m even more grateful for my son. He’s my amazing caregiver. Even though life has many challenges, the Lord gives us abundant blessings to enjoy. Praise God for His faithfulness.

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