Hunkering Down

I just have to share my husband’s remarkable photos of a female cardinal warming her eggs. We’re having cool weather again today, and she knows she needs to hang out on her nest.

The pictures we have of the eggs – certainly not robin’s egg blue, but larger and speckled- bring questions to mind.IMG_3680

Does the number of speckles mean anything? Are some eggs more inclined to hold females, others males?     With all these close-ups, I’m realizing this female’s beautiful, though not as striking as her spouse.


The foliage under the mama’s well-positioned nest is burgeoning. Will we get to witness her feed her babies? I hope so, but her husband flashes by often, and it quite territorial. His calls override the robins in the area, and all others.


Seems to me this little homemaker feels secure next to our tall fence, in an obscure corner of the courtyard that is our back yard.

Confident that all will work out just fine. Content to do her tedious work, knowing that the outcome will satisfy.

I can’t help but compare her attitude to mine as I nurture a new women’s fiction novel to its release into the world. Will it be a cold, cruel world, or a warm, accepting one? Will readers embrace Addie, my World War II heroine, as she struggles with her husband’s anger?

IIMG_3666 think this little birdie would say, “You’ve done your research. You’ve bided your time. You’ve re-re-re-re-re-re-re-edited, considered criticism, made changes, taken classes, and secured a professional edit, and now, it’s time.

Our mama cardinal’s  steady black eye, her devotion to her babies, and her patience all remind me that daring to bloom holds not simply promise, but challenge. So many have encouraged me along the way. Thanks, Machelle, Jane, Holly, Carolyn, Ann, Julia, Wendi, Bonnie, Diane and Lee, for cheering me on to this point.
And thanks Lance, for working hard to give me the luxury of writing full-time. Readers, Addie’s on her way!


10 thoughts on “Hunkering Down

  1. BRAVO little bird…..

    What an excellent mediation on steadfastness. Something to take to heart.. really

    AND tell Lance great and touching pictures….

  2. Gail, we have a cardinal family on the farm…somewhere. The male kept flying other birds away, but my hubby couldn’t find the nest. They’re around, though. And they are quite striking, aren’t they? Love spring!!

    • I’m really enamored with the female’s coloring lately. Pretty amazing, and all birds could’ve been created brown, eh?

  3. Enjoyed your writing, as usual. Looking forward to Addie ‘s debut and your continuing success as an author and nurturer. God bless, friend.

  4. Great photos and great message. Yes, we write because we must. And we put our writings and work out there, feeling secure just like this mama cardinal—with thanks to a God who loves us dearly and to family and friends who encourage and support us.

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