Let There Be Light!

  This phrase from the book of Genesis describing the very beginnings of creation could not be more appropriate this season, or this year. As 2020 slides into its last month, we look back with questions and concerns. But doubts and wonderings only make light more precious.

Used as a noun, here’s the definition of light: the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. But light also radiates warmth, so welcome during winter in the northland. And so we light our house this year.

This is the third re-stringing of lights on our pine tree. A phantom squirrel (we think?) sharpened its teeth on the first two strings, which were blue.

With no more blue lights available in town, we’ve switched to multi-colored, and will see how that goes, remembering, of course, that’s it’s still 2020.

Having just learned of Lance’s mom’s positive COVID test results, we’re watching and waiting in yet one more way. Hopefully she has a mild case, but no one ever knows. This “not knowing” makes just about anything we go through more difficult, doesn’t it?

And so we light our house this year. Thanks to Lance for this photo, and may your preparations for Christmas bring you great joy.

1 thought on “Let There Be Light!

  1. Praying Mr. Lance wakes up to find “fried” squirrel the next time the lights go out. Rascals can be such a nuisance. Not sure which I hate more; squirrels, crows, armadillos, or skunks. LOL Ah; life in the country. Hope you keep the lights on; and prayers for your family ma’am.

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