Making Do

This past two weeks have tweaked my perspective after I fell and hurt my wrist. Since driving is out, these days have been more isolated than normal. Some friends came to my rescue with groceries and other household needs like chopping vegetables, opening cans, and vacuuming.

Some other friends visited, too:

Nice to have company…the first few days, I read through a pile of books I’ve been meaning to get to, and learned so much…about World War II. How’d you guess?

Once I could type again, even one-handed, my latest hero and heroine kept me company. Oh, what the ordinary citizens of the 40’s went through–they made do all the time. For this story, I’m researching the war in the Philippines.

Here’s one of my resources, a┬ácompilation of the Los Angeles Examiner’s wartime headlines. With a trusty magnifying glass borrowed from a friend, I’ve unearthed some real gems–hopefully, you’ll read some of them when ALL FOR THE CAUSE is published.


3 thoughts on “Making Do

  1. Hi Gail: Sorry about your fall and the wrist out of service. About the Philippines – my husband, teenage son, and I visited Manila on our way back to US after living in Indonesia for 18 months back in August 1982. We enjoyed five days and got to see a lot. Toured the Pacific Theatre’s Memorial Cemetery for US soldiers & sailors. Three feet high, white marble crosses and a few Star of David could be seen from all directions. The impression brought tears. Never will forget.

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