Mid-July Days


July – a time for butterflies … and humidity. Ah, how does one describe such a phenomenon? In In Times Like These, Addie’s worst times occurred in winter, and in spite of Iowa’s sticky July and August, her garden and friendship carried her through.

December through March, though, the weather forced her husband Harold inside more often, increasing the chances of him having a temper tantrum.

We have a cute five-year-old visiting us right now, with as much energy as corn has kernels. Interesting how a child can make you feel young again as you share his three-foot view of the world. But at the same time, you realize how creaky your joints have become and how desperate you are for a real live nap.



Back in 1942, Addie adored her rural mailman’s little grandson Willie–the sweetest little guy ever. Ahhh…..what enormous brown eyes and  that precocious smile! But one day, he wandered away and ended up in the cornfield, a true farm danger.

It all worked out, but today, with a sauna just outside our door, even at six in the morning, I can almost feel the corn leaves rustling against Willie’s face, And so it is, July in Iowa. IMG_9406 IMG_9410

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