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A grateful welcome to Dr. MaryAnn Diorio this week. She will be giving away a free copy of her novel to a commenter, in whatever format the winner chooses. In these times with so many attacks on our youth, we need books like this!

My foray into children’s fiction began many years ago while I was browsing in my local bookstore. I was delighted to discover a book about Jesus in a secular bookstore. But my delight soon turned into sorrow as I scanned the book.  The author had presented Jesus as merely a teacher a prophet, like Mohammed or Buddha. Worst of all, readers were encouraged to choose to worship the one they preferred.

I literally left that bookstore in tears, determined to write a book that told children the truth about Jesus. That book became Who is Jesus?, published in 2014.

From there, I went on to write a series of chapter books for six-to-ten-year-old reluctant readers whose main character is an adventurous eight-year-old named Penelope Pumpernickel. 

Dixie Randolph and the Secret of Seabury Beach is my first middle-grade novel. I love this age group and believe it to be an impressionable age during which children face choices that will impact the rest of their lives.

About Dixie Randolph and the Secret of Seabury Beach

A 200-year-old family feud, a hidden pirate’s treasure, and a theft launch 12-year-old Dixie Randolph and her BFF, Tilly Mendoza, on an adventurous journey to discover the thief, to reconcile the feuding families, and to solve what has become known as  the “secret of Seabury Beach.”  Along the way, Dixie faces her own personal family feud when her younger sister Heather refuses to acknowledge Dixie as her sister because Dixie was adopted. Despite Dixie’s repeated attempts to befriend Heather, their relationship worsens. But when Dixie comes face-to-face with the wrath of the thief’s direct descendant, she risks her life not only to save the feuding families but her sister Heather as well.

In this first book of the Dixie Randolph Series of Middle-Grade Novels, Dr. MaryAnn Diorio offers 8-to-12-year-old children an exciting and entertaining story that will keep them turning pages as they explore the themes of sibling rivalry, forgiveness, friendship, and adoption. Set on beautiful Cape Cod, Dixie Randolph and the Secret of Seabury Beach will be sure to delight your middle-grade child with timeless truths about family, forgiveness, and love.

MaryAnn will giving away a free copy of her novel, in whatever format the winner chooses. 

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23 thoughts on “Middle-Grade Fiction Series

  1. So appreciate how godly values and messages are weaved into Ms. MaryAnn’s words for young people. We can’t forget the importance of countering all this world wants to offer with goodness.

  2. As a fellow middle grade fiction writer, I too felt the need to incorporate God, prayer, faith, and church subtly into my books. Children this age are vulnerable and need to be introduced to how faith can help them through life’s challenges.
    Thank you for sharing my goal.

    • Yes, I totally agree, Bonnie. Blessings to you as you write for this age group as well. We are to instruct the next generation in the things of God. Blessings on your work! ~. MaryAnn

  3. Faith-based children’s books are probably the most important literature published today, yet difficult to find. Too many people believe children should receive every possible alternative so they can make their own decisions later in life. My opinion (together with five bucks will still buy a small latte at Starbucks!), this is neglect and, therefore, mental abuse.

  4. MaryAnn, thank you for sharing your book with us today. It’s so important to teach Biblical truth in the books that we write for children. I’m currently reading this middle-grade novel, and I appreciate your faithfulness to share these important truths with the children.

    • Thank you, Susanne. How wonderful that your daughter loves to read! You’ve taught her well. I trust that she will enjoy my story. Many blessings to you, and thank you for leaving a comment. ~ MaryAnn

  5. This sounds like a wonderful story for middle grade kids. I just read a review of a MG book where the parents were away and the children acted all on their own and not in some good ways. It’s such a tragedy that that’s the way many MG books are these days. Thank you for this book that bucks the trend!

  6. MaryAnn, I, too, have become disheartened with content of so-called “Christian” books in the secular bookstores. I’m glad you heard the calling to step up with the TRUTH! Your Dixie Randolph book sounds great. I love the cover!

  7. I am happy to announce that the winner of the free copy of Dixie Randolph and the Secret of Seabury Beach is Peggy Lovelace Ellis. Congratulations, Peggy!

    Thanks to all of you who left a comment and entered the contest. May our Lord richly bless you!


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