Morning Perspective

A bright Easter morning helps give perspective. Perhaps Easter Saturday brought inclement weather, colder than the week before. Perhaps the forecast looked dismal, but then morning arrived.

We find that waking up to a new day has done wonders for our atititude, and sometimes even the circumstances behind it. Waking . . . this factor alone can make all the difference.

Throughout history and with life in general, this principle proves reliable.

Often morning brings clarity. Often, if we simply bide our time until the dawn breaks, a surprise awaits, signifying a new start.

Noticing something we missed the day before energizes us, provides new direction. Surely the disciples of Jesus felt this down to their toes–in this new light, things began to make sense.

In Land That I Love, Everett experienced this more than once. Things appeared so grim, so unchangeable. But surviving a day . . . making it through the night . . . brought hope.

A friend of mine in a daunting, heroic battle with cancer seems to know this secret. Get through this next series of treatments. Enjoy the good that comes, and above all, enjoy the sunrise, the promise of renewal and new life.

10 thoughts on “Morning Perspective

  1. Waking up to a new day from a slightly different perspective: My mother was a seamstress. When she had an apparently unfixable alteration, she would “sleep on it” and wake with the solution in her mind. I do the same with both writing and editing issues. Our brains need rest just as the rest of us do.

  2. Amen Ms. Gail. I sometimes wonder why it seems mornings somehow births renewed hope in our souls. Perhaps it’s because that when I am most focused on God (the quiet early mornings before “life” starts all around me is when I talk with, listen to, and learn from God the most). The lesson there for me is that the more I focus on Him in my life, the less time I have to let the world encroach into my life. When my hope tank is full of His joy, His word, and His mercy and grace, I have more of Him that I can pour into this world. I also have “thicker armor” that allows me to better withstand Satan’s arrows. Thank you for your encouraging post ma’am.

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