I’m glad to welcome Jennifer Sienes this week, who shares her new release, Surrendered, with us. Jennifer, I can relate to the jumping around that sometimes occurs with publication dates for a series! Jennifer is offering a free e-book to a commenter this week. 

Since I was twelve years old, I’ve been writing stories. I even wrote fan-fiction before it was a thing—a Happy Days episode, which I’m sure dates me. I took every creative writing class I could, starting in high school, and even declared journalism as my college major until I realized I like fiction a whole lot more than truth, because I can create the characters any way I like.

Tess O’Shay, the main character in Surrendered,came by way of accident. She was a minor character in my first novel (which will be the last published in the series) and my critique group loved her. They wanted to know if she would have more scenes. She did not. In fact, she was deleted with the rewrites.

But I couldn’t get her out of my mind—it was like she’d become a real person and refused to be ignored. Surrendered was the first novel I wrote inspired by a fictional character rather than an incident. Tess isn’t based on anyone I know, just a figment of my imagination. I loved writing this story because Tess O’Shay and Jake Holland ran away with it and all I could do was try to keep up.

The first two novels I wrote were inspired by actual events—my brother’s suicide in the first and my daughter’s near-fatal car accident in the second. These are dark themes, yet I wanted to present them with humor and hope—both of which have gotten me through some tough circumstances.

I strive to create characters my readers can connect with—three-dimensional and human—but also fall in love with. I think the best books are those that leave us wanting more.

So you may be wondering where those first two novels are today. It’s true that these three novels are a series. However, what ties them together is the same small town (Placerville, California) and one side character (the voice of reason.)

When my publisher asked me to submit to her whichever was my favorite, I submitted Surrendered. Not because it’s a better story, but because I felt it was the most polished of the three. Book two (which I wrote second) releases next May and book three comes out May 2021.

There are a few more days to get in on the Kindle preorder perks. My publisher set the ebook at an introductory price, which will go up (by $1) after April 30th. Those who preorder will also receive the prequel novella, Julia, as a gift.

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Paperback will be available afterl April 30, 2019

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