The Last of the Roses


Seems not long ago when the first rose of the summer bloomed, and here it is, nearly the end of October.

Whoever coined the phrase time flies knew what they were doing. I’ve been editing and editing and EDITING…the final book of the Women of the Heartland series. Coming out in November…still not sure of the exact day of release. But the cold has blown in, and it’s time to rescue the last roses from my friend’s bush.


It’s also nearly the 500th anniversary of the Reformation…yep, did you know that Martin Luther was a the best-selling author? If my writing affects one-hundredth of a percent of his following, I’ll be surprised.

My recent notes while reading about London during the Blitzkrieg… snippets of information like this come together to create a book. I suppose Luther took notes, too, but he wrote without the ease of modern technology, probably long into the night by candlelight.

Nothing about his life was easy, and interestingly, he included a subdued white rose in his seal, connoting the fruits of faith.

Whatever our task, that’s what it’s all about, believing that what we do makes a difference. Even a small difference in a few lives. As roses, in their quiet way, add beauty and lightness to our journey (if we take time for them…) so our work can enhance this weary world.

Next post, I hope to share the cover of A Purpose True and its release date. In the meantime, I’ll keep on editing, and  hope you find a little time to spend with a rose.

4 thoughts on “The Last of the Roses

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Our family has been part of the body of Christ in a non-denominational church for many years, but both my husband and I were introduced to Jesus in the Lutheran Church as infants, and attended throughout our childhood and young adult years. The lessons and memories are embedded deeply in who I am in my walk with Christ today. In spite of many challenges and shortcomings in his own life (think just like King David or the Apostle Paul) God did use Luther to touch the lives of so many more than we can even imagine. Your post is a great reminder that writing what God leads us to write will affect others. It’s a huge privilege and responsibility. And, of course, the white rose still holds a special place in my heart.

    • Thanks, Lynn. Sometimes when we write a blog article, we may think, “Will anybody even read this?”

      During college, an interdenominational group helped me find my footing as a believer, but I look back at the Methodist pastor of our little rural Methodist church and am grateful for his input in my life, as well. And it’s wild to think that without Luther, there’d have been no John Wesley a couple of centuries later.

      I’m also aware of some of Luther’s failings–difficult to understand, but God still used him, like the other imperfect people mentioned in Scripture. And to think He can even use us, too! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    • Oh, Ann. You DEFINITELY are a rose in MY world!!! Thanks for coming by. Wish we lived closer so you could come by my house for a cup of tea.

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