The Organizational Gift

Lately I’ve wondered if we’re born with the tendency to organize, to put things in straight rows when given a task. Watching our granddaughter making cookies a couple of weeks ago started me off on this quest. Here she is, arranging peanut butter cookies in the straightest rows imaginable.

Would my rows have been this perfect? Nope, and what’s more, she accomplished this feat in about the same amount of time it would have taken me.

Though this type of natural order attracts me and I make it my goal, my results rarely (I was going to say never, but am practicing positive thinking) reach the mark.

I’ve done a little more reading on this topic, and have written heroes and heroines with and without the tendency to act in an orderly fashion. Can’t say I like one type of personality better–other aspects of their character carry far more weight.

But I’m curious . . . how has orderliness (or lack of this quality) affected you or your writing?

8 thoughts on “The Organizational Gift

  1. While I admittedly suffer from CDO (it’s like OCD, but organized alphabetically as it should be), as a writer I have “Pantser” tendencies. I organize what I’m going to write, but how it apply pen to paper is a mixture of thought, prayer, inspiration, and luck. I sometimes wonder how I ever finish any writing project, but it seems to always come together in the end.

  2. Writing a bi-weekly blog, I have to stick to a deadline, but that’s about as organized as I get, Gail. I write from inspiration that sometimes does require a bit of perspiration, too.
    Your granddaughter is a lovely young lady!

  3. I try to be organized –like J.D., I’m OCD or CDO about most things in my life, but find I am often too much of a perfectionist and get bogged down and overwhelmed. I always need to ask the Lord for help in balancing life and writing tasks. Your granddaughter looks like a lovely young lady and I’m sure you’re very proud of her!

    • I hear you on getting bogged down. Today I FORCED myself to clean off my desk…miserable mess that it was. IF I would just train myself to write notes in ONE spot, as in a notebook, I wouldn’t have to clean all of my scattered notes up every few months. But this never seems to occur. (: We definitely are proud–she has lots of accomplishments, but her sweet spirit is the greatest blessing. (:

  4. Gail, your granddaughter looks like a sweet young lady. As for organization, I fall short of the mark. There are certain things where I am totally OCD, and I think it results in a whole lot of wasted time that I should be spending on the things that are important. Right now, I’m reorganizing drawers, cabinets, and junk collector surfaces (my desk for example!) as the spirit moves me. It’s a tedious job but I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I can actually see the positive result of my efforts.

  5. So interesting…it takes 1. company coming, or 2. Us leaving for an extended time
    to motivate me to do that sort of tedious job. Yesterday I FORCED myself to clean my office, and yes, it does feel great! (But not great enough, clearly, that it compels me to KEEP it that way!) Thanks for sharing, and a blessed Christmas season to you.

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