The Sunflower

Behold the stately sunflower! We planted this, along with some “normal” yellow ones, for our granddaughter who is partial to this glorious blossom.

This summer, she painted some of these to decorate our yellow and white bathroom.

Such a bright spot, these sunflowers! (The photo is sideways, and I can’t get it to change.) But you get the idea.

Another bright spot this week will be my book signing at TJ’s Christian Bookstore in Cedar Falls, Iowa. This will take place on Friday the 13th during TJ’s grand opening, and I hope you can stop by.

The heroine of Until Then spent her childhood just a short distance away from the bookstore. I’m also so pleased to have the Grout Museum in Waterloo carrying Until Then on their gift shop shelves.

Autumn has arrived. . . and of course that means winter is on its way. Gotta hold these BRIGHT SPOTS close!

9 thoughts on “The Sunflower

  1. My wife and I love sunflowers also Ms. Gail. In fact, we started a devotional in our small church several years ago entitled “Son”Flowers. Perhaps one day I’ll share that story with you. Congratulations on Until Then, and I’ll be looking for it on store shelves near me. Have a grand time at TJ’s book signing this week ma’am. God’s blessings.

  2. Have fun at the book signing, Gail! That’s funny about your picture…in the email version it’s the right way, but when I came to the website I saw what you meant about it being sideways. Computers!

    I have a couple of random sunflowers blooming in my garden right now. Gary sees them as a weed I should get rid of, but I kind of like how they look amongst all of my random blooms (and lots of other weeds!).

    Blessings to you!


  3. Sunflowers always make me stop and smile. And your granddaughter is quite the artist. Congratulations on having your book in the museum gift store, and have fun at you book signing. Until Then is on my must read list!

  4. What a stunner Gail and I love your flagstone path also. I’ve planted dwarf sunflowers and thought they were so fun. Keep up the good work on all fronts,

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