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Donna Sager Cowan shares her series for Middle-GradeAuthor children with us today. Donna is happy to offer a giveaway of With the Courage of a Mouse to a commenter. Enjoy!

This series was inspired by my granddaughter asking about what my cat did every night when she stayed out. I came up the bedtime story of Catt saving her animal friends because she was a superhero.  After many retellings, I decided to write and publish the story.

But it needed more background, so I decided to start at the beginning of Catt’s story—How she became a Superhero.  Then Superhero School was born and Simon Cheddar took center stage.

I’ve always wanted to write a positive story for kids about finding that inner strength to keep going. To find the Superhero hiding inside all of us, just waiting for that perfect moment to shine. 
Using animal characters makes the story more accessible to children around the world. They can see themselves in Catt, Simon, Patty and Freddy. See their teachers, parents and grandparents in Mrs. Gee, Grandma Whisker, and even Sergeant Jones and Nigel.
Building the self esteem of kids gets harder every day. I am so thrilled with the reaction to With the Courage of a Mouse from the schools I’ve visited. The simple idea of learning from each other and our mistakes isn’t new, just a little dusty.

Finding friends in the most unlikely places, pulling together to solve the problem, and believing in ourselves is the foundation for every child’s future.

Donna Sager Cowan

Children’s Author, Speaker, Inspirer

Creator of the Superhero School series

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4 thoughts on “The Superhero School Series

  1. Ms. Donna,
    Which Superhero character is the grumpy, yet kindly old animal who is all “rough and harsh” on the outside, but when one-on-one with a fledgling superhero, he’s really a soft-hearted old fella who gives freely of himself as he helps the young superheroes realize their potential. Am going to have to read your book (I’ll use my Children’s Church friends as an excuse) to find out. I’m thinking it’s “Sergeant Jones.” Thank you for sharing this Ms. Gail. Months ago I sat with my fidgity [sic] pseudo-grandson Jeremiah and we wrote a story together titled “The Legend of Captain Poopy Boots.” We even wrote a theme song. Spending the weekend with us on the ranch, you can understand where the title came from. Thank you for the author insight; and sending wishes for great success and God’s blessings to Ms. Donna. Your grands are blessed indeed ma’am. Praying many others’ will be.

    • Thank you. The matriarch in the series is Mrs Gee (short for Mrs Gristle). She provides a guiding hand to all the students, takes in any stray or homeless animals, and is secretly teaching them all of life lessons.

      I love that your grandson is writing at such an early age. Stories being so much joy, knowledge and hope to young minds. Someday soon you will be reading an article about his books.

      I would love to hear what your church group thinks, and would willing offer a discount price for them. Your inspired thoughts bring me such happiness. I live for readers to relate and become lost inside my stories.


  2. Such a great message in your books for children of all ages. Concepts illustrated with lovable animals somehow make the message even stronger. I look forward to reading your books!

    • Thank you.

      I love writing and giving this age group am easy transition from picture books to chapter books using minimal illustrations that move the story and offer help when imaging the characters. I think the message is important enough to repeat: that you have all the tools needed inside, to be a Superhero.

      I hope you enjoy the book and series.

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