Cleaning Up

I’ve cleaned off my desk. Should have taken a before/after duo to show you what a mess it was–but I didn’t think of it.

Motivation for this sort of purge comes slowly, but finishing a major project helps. When we decided to entertain a group in a couple of weeks, my lazy “cleaning genes” ground into motion.

Once I start, satisfaction sets in with each handful of paper debris dashed into the recycling bin. But at first, the going is tough. You see, my writing process includes volumes of little notes I write to myself. The history behind the story must be clear, and that history, I jot down in a ridiculous amount of notes that end up on my desk.

Why not put it all in one notebook instead of using whatever scrap, envelope, napkin, etc happens to be handy when I make the discovery? I ask myself this, too, as yet another handful of notes meets its demise. The answer? I really don’t know. I’ve tried notebooks, and for some reason, always end up using whatever paper I can find instead. Perhaps it’s the image of Abraham Lincoln penning his Gettysburg Address…

A similar phase takes place in my mind during the weeks after completing a book. Now that Land That I Love has a cover (I just have to share it again!)

and a final edit, this is starting to occur. I’ve concentrated so intensely, it seems odd to be walking about like a normal person, and as I do, I notice how other things have piled up. In the past few days, I’ve cleaned out two closets–so unlike me.

We’re all unique–like this carrot that looks like two. But they wound around each other and were harvested and marketed as one.

Strange. Peculiar. Odd. Fascinating. Intriguing. Just the type of notes I write to myself–in my own simple way. But the growth and the goal are all that really matter.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning Up

  1. I feel good after getting rid of ‘stuff’, but more often than not, I hide the ‘stuff’ in a closet and shut the door. That is what I did with all my life’s pictures, letters I wrote to Mom that she saved, and so much memorabilia including ancestry to delve into. Out of sight, out of mind? Not entirely. Just some other day…….

  2. How I love these new social media share icons Ms. Gail. They make sharing your words even easier my friend. Congrats! As for cleaning up and writing notes, I stand before you guilty as charged. Sometimes I think even my Excel-based Idealog is cluttered and messy; and don’t even get me started on all the Post-It notes I have lining the fronts of my bookcases and shelves around my den. Will I ever get them into my Idealog? Thanks for the smiles; and congratulations on “Land That I Love.” Looking so forward to reading and writing a review. God’s blessings ma’am. Now, take a break and go enjoy nature with Mr. Lance for a couple of weeks before you start your next writing adventure. 🙂

  3. Gail, I kept nodding my head as I read–cleaning motivation comes from expected company–yep. Notes written on everything and piled here and there–yep. Of course, my writing workspace is my dining room table, so I have room for lots of scrap paper–sigh…I so enjoyed your post and the smiles as I read.

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