Waiting and Watching

You’d think I was a kid at Christmas. Yesterday, the book cover options arrived and we made some decisions. Now, it’s time to REVEAL the COVER!

It’s like waiting and watching for growth in a cottage garden. One day you take a long look, and tada! Even with water pails in the picture, the effect is pleasing to the eye.

I am so grateful for my publisher’s expertise in many ways, but his cover creating ability sits right at the top of the list. And here’s the latest example, which captures the indelible bond between father and son so evident in Land That I Love.

Ahh…the desire accomplished is sweet to the soul. Soon, I’ll be able to share a purchase link, and then will travel to beautiful Texas Hill Country to launch this story.

9 thoughts on “Waiting and Watching

  1. I’m so looking forward to this book release. And have a fantastic trip to the Hill country and library visits!

  2. Love this final cover! The title in white makes it stand out among the trees. The figures looking at each other are great depictions of Everett and Donnie. I like your name in red, giving some color to the cover. Draws me into the story!

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