Closer and closer

Phlox blossoms for weeks, needs only sun and rain, and comes in a colorful array. Next year, there’ll be tall hollyhocks against the fence, too. Cottage gardens are about enjoying the moment, yet looking forward with anticipation.

By the end of this week, Land That I Love should go to the printer. Like a garden, a manuscript requires thought, time and nurturing.

Do I love the characters who come to me? If love means embracing their joys and sorrows, accepting their foibles, and allowing them to be who they are, I would have to say yes.

Sure hope my readers love them, too!

7 thoughts on “Closer and closer

  1. Yes, gardens are to love and yet keep planning for. I can see how that would be the same for our characters. Love, or at least nurture them, and plan for their growth.
    Best Wishes on your new book. Land That I Love.

  2. Yes, for the beautiful flowers and for the characters that I can feel the love you relay for them. I am looking forward to reading the new book.

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