Enjoying The Simple Things

Painting, re-arranging furniture, taking some things to the thrift store, and finding a couple of small items to fit better into our new decor – all everyday activities, but we’ve been enjoying them. Maybe because no deadline looms, this re-doing has been a fun project.


I’m reminded that I’ve never known a more conscientious worker than my husband, and am so grateful for his steady personality.

A neighbor took this picture of us the other day, with our house in the background.

It’s good to rest, to restore, to refurbish … together.


I’ve also been working on another book in the Women of The Heartland series while awaiting my first peek at With Each New Dawn – should arrive any day now! If you’d like a glimpse, click here: http://tinyurl.com/jmvc36a

6 thoughts on “Enjoying The Simple Things

  1. There is nothing better then spending time with each other, sometimes we take each for granted . Glad you two had some alone time and got some things done you have been planning. Missed seeing you here tho. God bless and see you soon.

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