Gratitude and A Lesson from Football

Not much profundity comes from football, imho. However, today, I heard an announcer say, “So this team made a lot of mistakes today—what matters is their ability to put the past behind them and move forward. What happens in the next two minutes is what counts.”

And there you have it-just the truth one of my characters needs to hear. She’s never watched a football game in her life, but oh, well!

In her circumstances, forgetting how it’s always been and plunging ahead is truly all that matters. But can she do this? I really hope so, because I like her a lot and want her to succeed. Besides, what reader will stay with her if she continues to bemoan the past and sink into depression?

Not a lot to write for the day after Thanksgiving, but at least it’s something. And it certainly beats going out into our four-degree deepfreeze here in Iowa and trying to find a bargain!


Happy Thanksgiving weekend—and by the way, gratitude is one key to my character’s success in forgetting past mistakes and trying something new!

3 thoughts on “Gratitude and A Lesson from Football

  1. Oh… who find inspiration even in “lowly” football……Thank you…

    Very good and clear sharp picture of the “how to” of moving forward in life.

  2. Totally amazing I read this, and even more totally amazing, I heard the same announcer with the same wise words! And I don’t even love football. How delightful. Lovely analogy! Thank you.

  3. It’s hard to focus on the next two minutes. Easier to hang on to what has been. I need to focus on the next minute at a time when Daisy and I are walking in this cold. We always appreciate the warmth more than if we hadn’t gone.

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