Perspective on LAND THAT I LOVE

Our granddaughter had to get WAY DOWN LOW for this photo to work:

Here, she shot what we normally see, as well as the view looking up:

In researching Land That I Love, I’ve had to get way down, too.

Way down into German American history in the state of Texas. Way down into human skills of surviving loss and rising above bitterness. Way down into the beauty of nature and how it frosts our lives with joy.

From cottage garden lore to the history of Nottinghamshire, to World War II and how it affected American and British citizens even in remote locales, to learning spelling in a one-room Texas Hill Country schoolhouse- Land That I Love offers all these.

Coming in late August to a purchase site near you!

8 thoughts on “Perspective on LAND THAT I LOVE

  1. Am so looking forward to adding “Land That I Love” to the collection Ms. Gail. As a farmer/rancher here in Texas those words have a special meaning to me. My business card doesn’t read “Owner”, it reads “Caretaker”. I sometimes get quizzical looks at that title, but it gives me the opportunity to share “God’s the owner; I’m just doing the best I know how to care for His blessings upon my family.” As I’ve been learning about your upcoming novel, I think the character you writer about shared that viewpoint. Come on August! God’s blessings ma’am.

    • I’m late getting back to you, J.D., but really appreciate your thoughts here, and your commitment to “the land.” Thanks also for your support–I do believe my character, Everett, shares your attitude!

  2. Your new book sounds intriguing and I’m looking forward to reading it. How in the world did you come up with the idea surrounding a cottage garden?

    • I love cottage gardens, myself, and since my main character emigrates from England, where there are TONS of them, it seemed natural. Hope it seems natural to the reader, too!! Thanks for stopping by.

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