Powerful Adjectives

Photos from our youth group trip to gorgeous Montana back country bring all kinds of over-used words to mind: beautiful, breath-taking…

But what about this mountain lake proves so inviting to the eye?

A crystalline sky, forest reflected on the water, a fallen log: all of these play a part. The collective effect helps us smell the pine, almost feel the water between our toes. Lance and I backpacked in this very basin about thirty years ago–incredible views!

This kind of editing keeps me busy right now, just before submitting Land That I Love to my publisher. The goal, to embellish each scene so it engages the reader, keeps me mindful of individual words and phrases, aware of the way each sentence begins and ends, and how paragraphs are organized.

It seems as if this process could continue forever–“I might could work on this manuscript until the cows come home,” as they say in Texas Hill Country.

For this very reason, deadlines are a good thing. Someone outside the process says “It’s time, you’ve done the best you can.”

3 thoughts on “Powerful Adjectives

  1. Always enjoy your insights and inspiration Ms. Gail. I used to say, “The thing I love about managing captures and proposals is that the pail always ends.” Now, I say much the same about editing manuscripts. I try and remember when I’m in editing mode by changing my computers desktop background to a sign that reads “Better is the direct enemy of good enough!” You have to know when you’ve done enough and let go of what you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Praying your edits lead you to a bestseller my friend. God’s blessings.

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