Salute to D-Day Invaders!

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. Winston Churchill

Many said it was impossible. The Allies had suffered devastating defeats during the past three years. It had been a slow slog to victory in North Africa against the Desert Fox.

But the Allies had kept defending and attacking until they drove the Nazis out of Tunisia. Now, this new challenge loomed: the same menacing enemy waited on the French coast.

Dug in. Invisible. Impossible to defeat.

A white smoke screen provides cover as troops approach French shore.

And yet, an army of young men saw the invisible, felt the intangible, and achieved the impossible. Some of them enlisted even before they graduated from high school, and the cost was great.

Let our gratitude be great, also.

1 thought on “Salute to D-Day Invaders!

  1. For good reason, we refer to the young men and women who prosecuted this war; and brought our world from the edge of disaster, “the greatest generation.” While I love every member of our military who serves this nation, in them, I do not find that same resolve. I do not see many dare greatness to achieve what seems impossible. Today, we are apt to rely on technology more than on God to achieve victory. Wonderful reminder of what it takes to be victorious my friend. Thank you!

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