December 7


Seventy-four years ago, Americans woke to the horrible news of the Pearl Harbor attacks. I can’t let December seventh go by without calling attention to this significant event in our nation’s history.

Many young men went to war during the next months. My grandparents sent their two older sons to the fight, one still in his senior year of high school. The army drafted my dad, too, and my father-in-law. They all came home, but so many others didn’t.

Fifteen years ago, our family visited Normandy and stood in an actual Nazi bunker from which soldiers rained fire on the D-Day invaders. And we spent some time in Dachau, recalling what motivated the Allies.

Much of my writing research involves besieged London, southern France, where the Resistance risked everything to thwart the Nazis, and stateside. Everywhere, people sacrificed for the cause of freedom.

Today, I’d like to honor my father, my father-in-law, my uncles, and so many who waited at home (like my grandparents and my mother.) In This Together, my debut novel, honors them through the heroine’s loss of her son during the war, and her neighbor Al’s continuing challenges from his World War I service.


The story of the long-range effects of the war on a regular, down-to-earth rural Iowa Gold Star mother takes us back in time. Hopefully, readers will resonate to Dottie’s sacrifice.




In this Together-Cover

3 thoughts on “December 7

  1. In this post you have honored my dad and his three brothers who all served in WWII. That generation was a very special generation.

  2. Oh, wow, Ann. That’s a lot of brothers to all serve – like the Sullivan bros from Iowa. Did your uncles all make it back home?

  3. Hi Gail: My father was drafted in 1944, and trained to be a medic. As he finished his medical courses, the final push to end WWII was in full force. The army pulled him from the medical corps and gave him a rifle. After the surrender, he was part of the occupied forces in Germany. Thank you, Lord, that my father survived. God blessed the USA with The Greatest Generation to deal with the enemies of freedom.

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