Undiscovered Treasure in our Back Yard

Who knew? Purslane, a native Arizona plant I included in one of my novels, also grows in our Iowa back yard. But I only recently discovered at the Des Moines farmers’ market that purslane is edible and also offers a TON of health benefits.


Suffice it to say I’ve now re-instated  a weed into my vegetable patches. And we’re eating purslane in salads, soups, and a truly delicious pesto.

Sometimes we say, “Who knew?” about other treasures hidden in our own heritage. Maybe a fresh whiff of wisdom reveals a different side of a conundrum that has puzzled us for years, and we grasp the meaning behind someone’s behavior.

Maybe even our OWN behavior . . . life’s journey finally exposes a facet that we’ve missed until now. In the past couple of years, for example, my husband has discovered amazing sights, simply by taking the time to look  up.


IMG_9379Until Now might make a good title for a novel some day … Kate, the heroine of With Each New Dawn, experiences many until now moments. Maybe that’s because as an orphan, she entertains so many questions about her past.

What a positive thought–the more questions we have, the more opportunities for new discoveries. May the rest of your summer send some your way! (Just found a purslane plant with bright yellow blossoms!)


6 thoughts on “Undiscovered Treasure in our Back Yard

  1. Great blog. Great message. Like the length of it. I’m writing (but not publishing) some blogs, and I have trouble keeping them under 300 words. I tend to be verbose and say the same thing over just using different words. Some time I’ll tell you about 2 rules my English writing prof gave us and I still try to follow. Do you have an e-mail list to receive your blogs? Is that something beneficial writers should do?

    • Thanks for stopping in here, Karen. Having that list would be good – I don’t have one, officially. Maybe I should look into that.

      I have the same tendency toward verbosity. THAT’S why I campaign for authors to ALWAYS get an editor. I do edit for some folks, and saying things 2 x is one of the most frequent “fixes”!

    • Thanks – I just added chopped purslane to chicken salad w/dill pickle/celery/grapes. YUM!! Maybe I’ll write a purslane cookbook (: Have you ever tasted it?

  2. Excellent observation – and the idea that “asking” the question is the beginning of starting to “understand”. Neat to know about “weed” too.

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