Gail Kittleson and Cleo Lampos

These two companion non-fiction books offer many true World War II stories about the make-do generation finding ways to cope with the hassles of wartime living. 

Country Musics Hidden Gem: The Redd Stewart Story

Co-written with the son of the Tennessee Waltz composer, this volume provides a behind-the-sceneslook at the life of a humble man who left us a legacy of incredible musical gifts. 

 Redd Stewart’s journey began as more than just another rags-to-riches story, but with an essential heritage of family love and music that would later shape him into one of the music world’s greatest ‘unsung heroes.’

His life inspired others to do better, to be better, to love unconditionally, and to share with others the blessing of God-given talent. He was a man who never asked for personal praise, but whose individual contribution to the Country and Pop music industries is still alive throughout the world today.

Many of the songs written by Redd have been performed and recorded by such entertainment legends as Patti Page, Hank Williams, Roy Rogers, Dean Martin, Michael Bublé, and the list goes on. He was heard to say in all humility, “I don’t deserve any of this.”

Follow these pages of heartfelt thoughts about our subject as explored in detail by the musician, author, and loving son of this sincere man, revealed for the first time is the real-life love story that inspired the lyrics to the world’s most famous Country music song; the beautiful Tennessee Waltz.