The Southeast Iowa Tour

It’s been a great week meeting new friends in Waterloo, Davenport, and Solon, Iowa. No matter what the group, Until Then’s WWII heroine’s story touches hearts and woos readers. Someone at one of my signings said, “I’ve read this book already, and you nailed Dorothy’s character in the first three pages–how did you do that, when what was happening went so fast?”

Well . . . things DID happen in a hurry at the battlefront when casualties started rolling in. And Dorothy allowed her training, laced by her own compassion, to take over.

Here’s a great photo of her, gorgeous even in her Army shirt and below, a shot of some who heard her story.

Then on Saturday, October 5, I got to spend a whole DAY with WRITERS at Cole Library in Mount Vernon. SUCH fun–there’s nothing like being with people intent on learning. Here’s an example of one participant’s mind-mapping exercise for her memoir. SO delightful to see such motivated writers so eager to learn.

I’m filled with gratitude for all these experiences and everyone who made them possible. Thank you, thank you!