The Joy of the Moment

Last week, Iowa boasted Palm Sunday with a wailing wind and cold temps. My only gardening right now occurs in indoor pots, while less than two weeks ago, I enjoyed my neighbor’s incredible Forsythia bush across the street in Arizona

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I came home to one Christmas cactus bloom. Yes, one. And then, another popped open. But that was it for the entire plant.







A few days later, my other Christmas cactus showed signs of letting loose.


Just goes to show, we never know what will happen any given season. Imho, that’s part of the joy of gardening.

We await something, not sure exactly what it will be, or when, but pretty certain it will be bright!



Next to the productive cactus, a kalanchloe that blooms gloriously outdoors during summer, prepares to make its springtime statement.

I need to transfer this lesson to my writing endeavors, where I’m much less given to the joy of the moment. No, I’d like a little better idea when certain manuscripts might make their debuts into this uncertain world, thank you very much.

Today, Easter Sunday 2015, I must add another picture of the second Christmas cactus, which has burst into a riot of color.


Meanwhile, my Arizona neighbor tells me the wild irises there have gone WILD with blossoms.




2013-04-22 11.35.00

Gotta remember that surprises count for part of the joy!


Happy Easter, everyone, and may your blossoms last as long as possible.