A Mother’s (and Father’s) Love

This spring, our perfect view of a robin’s nest has been so instructive.

It all began with building this nest, quite a task, resulting in a work of art. Then four lovely eggs appeared and the second phase of Mama Robin’s work began.

She exhibited great patience, sitting for days that turned into weeks, rarely leaving her post. Did she miss flying? Did she long to be off and about?

Then one day, everything changes as the chicks hatch. Still more waiting now, for them to gain strength to lift their heads and hold their mouths open in a silent cry for food.

Not a hint of impatience from the Mama through all of this. Her young are helpless . . . so totally dependent upon the warmth of her body and her efforts to secure food. Their hunger seems incessant. (Here, the father comes in, too…the quiet background actor in all of this. We know he is helping procure worms for his offspring and most likely stands guard duty somewhere nearby.)

Such orange caverns, waiting to be filled! As Mama supplies her little ones’ needs, I can see how one of them might fall out as they jostle each other.

They’re never disappointed. Back and forth, back and forth, Mama–or Papa–comes to their rescue. I keep expecting to hear cheeps from the nest, and am sure that day will come, too. But this provides a fuller picture of a robin’s life–lots of WAITING involved, and slow growth, and necessary trust in the overall scheme of things.

These little peeps will open their eyes, and on another momentous day, take their fledgling flights. Observing their parents’ vigilant care at such close range has reminded me of God’s concern for us. Sometimes we feel helpless, too, and weary of having to depend on others for simple everyday needs.

It’s humbling, and at times we get so impatient–which brings up a question.

Do robins have faith?

It surely seems as if they possess an underlying trust. Their steady action shouts, “Everything will work out!”

These little ones will gradually gain their independence and some day care for families of their own. I just hope that year after year, they keep coming back to our courtyard.

(And thank you to Lance for these incredible shots!)