Land That I Love

Set in the German Hill Country of Texas during World War II, Land That I Love is a sweeping literary novel of love and loss; friendship and animosity; fathers and sons; and coping during times of war and peace. Yet it is more than a love story. It is about the racism and bigotry that still exist in our world. As author Gail Kittleson’s characters struggle with the problems of everyday life, they teach us that we survive hard times by being good neighbors despite our differences and that hatred can be conquered by love, understanding and forgiveness.

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Until Then (Women of the Heartland Book 5)

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Bethnal Green, London’s East End

Shortly after a quarter past eight, a siren split the air. Marian Williams lifted her sleeping daughter from her bed and darted down the stairs. Her mother and father-in-law, off on air warden duty, had left the front door unlocked.She hugged her youngest child close.

The blackout made the going difficult, but her husband’s instructions echoed in her brain: “Whatever you do, get down inside the station fast as you can.”She hoped for a spot near the canteen, with access to milk. Uneven light shone over the paved steps. Then she tripped. Her knee hit the concrete, then something bashed her left side. Someone cried out. Another blow scraped her arm on the landing floor. Where was her baby? She attempted to get up, but an even heavier weight slammed her face down.

A crushing burden descended, then all went black.

Riding in the backs of Army trucks across North Africa, throughout the Sicily campaign, up the boot of Italy, and northward through France into Germany, Dorothy Woebbeking served as a surgical nurse with the 11th Evacuation Hospital.

During World War II, US Army nurses worked and slept in tents through horrific weather, endured enemy fire, and even the disdain of their own superior officers, who believed women had no place in war. But Dorothy and her comrades persevered, and their skills and upbeat attitude made a huge difference in the lives of thousands of wounded soldiers.Dorothy and Marian’s stories converge on a simple, hand stitched handkerchief.

All For The Cause (Women of the Heartland Book 4)

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Distant thunder rolled as Mr. Olsen poured coffee for his customers, and comments crackled like popcorn.”


“Unconditional, he said. Who woulda thought…””Sure ain’t lookin’ good.””Sure hate to think of ’em bein’ prisoners.”

“Ain’t Howard Hannam’s son over there?””Yeah, and my brother’s boy. Sure hope MacArthur keeps his promise to rescue them fellas.”

The news was grim in May 1942. The Philippines had fallen to the Imperial Japanese Army. Rommel is on the move in Northern Africa. The Russian Army is pushed back toward Stalingrad. In the sweltering jungles of Corregidor, PFC Stan Ford battles illness and injury as he and his comrades escape and evade a tenacious enemy. And in the Heartland, women mourn the loss of husbands, sons, and sweethearts.

While everyone else seems to be doing something to support the troops, Twila Brunner feels lost, and useless. But when she sees a newspaper article about a Prisoner of War camp being built in neighboring Algona, Iowa, she believes she has finally discovered a way to to give something for the Cause. 


Kiss Me Once Again (A Women of the Heartland Story)

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Women of the Heartland Series

Gail Women of the Heartland

Books in the Series

Book 1 – In Times Like These

Book 2 – With Each New Dawn

Book 3 – A Purpose True

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Catching Up with Daylight

Catching Up With Daylight inspires through memoir, contemporary women’s stories, ancient meditation practices, and encouragement to live in the present moment. 

WhiteFire Publishing, November 2013

Secondhand Sunsets

A sudden light spangled the heavens as if to show that sunshine still reigned.

Abby sank to a fallen log—the glow rimmed the clouds in an ethereal aura. Crimson became rose, yellows transformed to gold, and periwinkle caressed deep purple.

“Could I have been befuddled all this time?”

The scripture Fred read at supper filtered back.

The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee.

The day’s warmth still hovered, and with it, a sense that all was well. The sky flamed for several more minutes.

This beauty and my love for you are one.

She hugged the message close. “Perhaps, after all, I am loved.”

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  1. Gail,
    I have your art work – “The OIder I Get” and would like to purchase additional pieces. Are they still available?


  2. Congratulations on your new book! As you know, if it wasn’t for the Godcidence of you calling me, I wouldn’t have had the nudging and encouragement to write my memoir, Meet Me In The Mountains. Thank you for your time, talent and appreciation to help others and also write your own stories. Blessings,

  3. Congratulations on your new book, Gail! I’m in Arkansas now, but the beauty of email is that I still got this announcement. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Blessings,

  4. Hi Gail,

    How thrilling to be able to put out yet more of the goodness within you. Congratulations. And thanks for prompting me to write in your classes five years ago. Another memoir is in the offing. Love, Carol

  5. Hi Gail! I am so excited to hear from Sharon Srock that I won your book, Catching up with daylight. I am not sure who to give my address to to receive it. Just feel free to email me with the answer, hope to hear from you soon and thank you soo much for being so generous!

    • Hi Janet,

      I JUST found your note here – I oughta visit my site more often, eh? Anyway, glad we got connected and you received the download. Hope you’re enjoying it!


  6. Congrats on your book. Can’t wait to read it. What an inspiration you have been (are) to me. Your encouragment to keep plugging away is great. It’s my therapy for the week even when the assignments aren’t finished. Hugs.:))Mary

  7. Gail, I just received my copy of a friend’s art/poetry book (to which I contributed); and I saw your name and wonderful piece, “The Older I Get.” I couldn’t believe it. You and I lost touch several years ago, and I’m delighted to see your name appear in my life again. I just ordered “Catching Up With Daylight” and can’t wait to read it. Blessings on your life and work!!

    • Hi Sonia,

      Oh my—it’s SO good to hear from you. Bev told me about her connection with you, and I’m excited to be back in touch. So sorry I haven’t checked this until now, but please friend me on FB or message me on LinkedIn or SOMETHING so I can get your e-mail address.

      Thanks so much for writing!

  8. Hi Gail,
    Being “the always last to” kind of gal I am, I just bought a copy of your book, Catching Up With Daylight. I am excited to read it. Hope all is well with you and the New Year brings many wonderful blessings your way.


    • Hi Julia,

      You made my day! I hope you enjoy CUWD and tell a kazillion people about it – smile. I’m available to speak w/groups about writing/creativity/spiritual growth, etc. AND I just received my first fiction contract –whoa…that excites me no end.

      Take care…stay warm.


  9. Dear Gail,

    Congratulations on your first fiction contract. Good things are beginning to pop. I’m sure other titles will receive contracts for you as well.


  10. Have been sick in bed for 3 days, with the Juniper “fever..” I have NEVER had allergies–this is not much fun! I missed out on your Memoir class this year but I am praying you will offer it again –as I really want to take the whole class! This year of moving full time to the mountains has taken so much effort and the amount of change has been breath-taking at times.i am a little run down, but I hope when I perk up form this allergy thing we can have a nice visit over a good cup of tea!! Here is a link to another Memoir teacher who thinks like you do..

    • Hi Madeline,

      So sorry you’re sick, but you have been “burning that candle”, girl!

      Next year will be great for memoir class–it’s a real commitment, and you’ve already got plenty of those!

      take care,


  11. Hi Gail,
    We actually met a couple of years ago at Fall Festival, where you happened
    by my stand . I am an aspiring writer, who has finished a memoir. Do You
    have any ideas about obtaining funds for publishing?

  12. Hey, Gail,

    I came across this while at work as we had a patient by the same last name. I am in total shock and so happy to have the opportunity to order some of your books. I am going to do the shopping this afternoon after I get home. I went to high school in dear old Dumont and still live in Az by the way. If you winter here give am a shout and maybe we can get together.

    Sheryl Springer Crawford

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